personal data revolution

It's time to capture, control and profit from your personal data.

It's time to rise up

Internet behemoths have made the quickest and largest fortunes in history on the backs of your personal data. They've treated it like a public commons - a resource to be exploited. You create the data, but they warehouse, mine and monetize it, without giving you a cut.

Those days are over. The personal data revolution has begun. It's time to reclaim your data.

It's time to take control

Take ownership and control of your data through blockchain-enabled apps and tools. Rather than the digital behemoths exploiting your data for their own economic gain, monetize your own valuable asset as you see fit.

Set your preferences and decide how you want to exchange data in the personal data marketplace.








It's time to
get paid

Earn cash, discounts, or cryptocurrency for connecting and exchanging your valuable data. Keep earning through ongoing data sales.

Keep earning through ongoing data sales to purchasers of anonymous aggregate data, or sell your data individually to data partners that you trust for products, discounts, services and more.